Table 2. Diversification of land access and tenure arrangements.

Diversified Farming Systems Attribute Case Studies Web site/Reference
Conservation easements
Shared or common property regimes
California Rangeland Trust
Carrizo Valley Ranch
47 Ranch Barnes 2011
Matador Grassbank
Malpai Borderlands Group
Tejon Ranch
Marin Agricultural Land Trust
Green River Drift (Wyoming) Fisher 2011
Multispecies grazing
Federal, state, tribal, or college/university ownership
Beaty’s Butte Grazing Association (Southern Oregon) Fisher 2011
North Fork Group Allotment (Elko, Nevada) Fisher 2011
Matador Grassbank
Valle Grande Grassbank
Heart Mountain Grassbank
Malpai Borderlands Group
Empire Ranch
Valles Caldera National Preserve
Chico Basin Ranch
Arapaho Ranch
Matching livestock numbers and needs to variable forage conditions Sinte Gleska Bison Ranch
Swanton Pacific Ranch
Deep Springs Ranch