Table 2. Fisheries for which traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) has and has not been applied in the Torres Strait, and the details of TEK applied.

Application of TEK
Fishery Islander involvement in monitoring and research TEK applied/reason not applied Start year
TEK Applied:
Turtle Monitoring catches, nesting beaches, tissue sampling carcasses, tagging by hunters and rangers Knowledge of nesting beaches, distribution, sexing of adults, and capture methods for research 2006
Dugong (Dugong dugon) Monitoring catches, tissue sampling carcasses by hunters and rangers Seasonal movements, hunting methods, and catch utilization 2006
Tropical rock lobster (Panulirus ornatus) Catch recording Knowledge of lobster distribution in shallow waters near islands 2008
Hand collectables Four trainees in 2009 bêche-de-mer and trochus survey, catch recording Identification of bêche-de-mer and trochus habitat for survey 2009
TEK Not Applied:
Reef fishery Catch surveys Not relevant
Finfish Catch recoding Not appropriate
Prawn None Islanders are not involved in the fishery