Table 1. Sample of selected quotes coded to power framework. Examples are listed chronologically.

Examples of compulsory power Examples of institutional power Examples of structural power Examples of productive power
“The environmentalists come in and start waving placards and blockading logging operations.”

“You could use the threat of the fact that you were going to start targeting a company to get the CEO into the room pretty quickly and early on.”

“We were making decisions about publicly owned land, and the model in those days was ‘We’re the government, we’re the landlord, we own the land. You’re the company, when we say log, you log,’ and ‘How dare you make these decisions about publicly owned resources?’ ”

“We’re being pressured to adopt the handbook and we’re saying we never did adopt the handbook. The [planning] tables never did.”

“A number of pivotal issues needed to be resolved. We’re being told by the LRMP folk you can’t deal with them here.”

“We lost our charitable status when a BC politician went gunning for us because of what we were doing in the forests of BC.”

“You had this ENGO/forestry side table which was kind of doing all the major deals away from the table and just reporting.”

“Because over the time of this project there were significant cases and legal decisions that got made and every time they got made around First Nations it actually strengthened the relationship requirement with First Nations.”

“If you’re trying to get a company to shift, you are actually not the decision maker so there’s an inherent imbalance there.”

“All of a sudden people weren’t playing their role, their appropriate designated historical role, and there was role confusion.”

“And then the local communities got really mad there was an angry coalition...they were the north island communities where a lot of the loggers would come from...and they said how dare you do this and affect our employment.”

“Everybody was also looking for the stakeholders, and specifically industry and the ENGOs, to support the final outcome.”

“A number of businesses, certainly on Vancouver Island and up the coast, became Greenpeace- free zones and there was a period of about a year that Greenpeace was called the enemy of the province by the premier at the time.”

“This whole issue of how you manage a commercial forest for biodiversity was kind of bursting into bloom. It was one of the flowers from Clayoquot.”

“One way to change attitudes is when everybody’s back is up against the wall.”