Table 5. Attributes of SWSG members derived from interviews with the members themselves.

“All in one way or another pretty committed”
“Hard working”
“Dedicated people”
“Do much more than they are paid to do in their professions”
“All these people have a personal interest. It goes beyond their job”
“Are prepared to put a lot of their personal time”
“They don’t go along because they have to attend, they have a genuine interest”
“They are enthusiasts”
“Within their professional role they have a drive and a genuine interest and involvement in the future of our rivers”
“Articulate, motivated by wanting to make things better”
“Committed conservationists”

“People who can get things done”
“Balance of thinking about a strategy but also want to see something happen on the ground and want to actually do it”
“All people interested in improving and continuing to improve the waterways”
“They are knowledgeable, passionate, they are doers rather than talkers”
“Holders of technical information”
“They are knowledgeable, passionate”

“Mainly professional people”
All have a professional approach to getting things done
“People wouldn’t be on the group if they didn’t have a significant role on the waterways”