Table 4. Attributes of Actors K and M.

Actors K and M
“They were both there at the beginning”
“Taking a lead in organizing things”
“They are the people who call people (organizationally speaking)”
“Make a lot of stuff happen, have been instrumental”
“Sees them as having more power, controlling agenda and purse strings”

Actor K
“Coordinator and custodian”
“Involved in setting [the group] up originally”
“Has been batting around for a long time”
“A champion for waterways”
“Facilitator and enabler”
“A role in helping the group progress, Through his own actions and practical organizational things”
“Coordinates and kept the momentum going and not letting it slip away”
“Would get stuff together”
“He has access to resources and he has personally taken it on himself to organize meetings, notes, etc.”
“Everyone relies on [...] to hold it together”

Actor M
“Has achieved an awful lot for the area”
“Most influential and longest standing relationship with Sheffield’s waterways”.
“[...] is significant. He is looked to for leadership”
“If [...] hadn”t been on the council pushing for the rivers all of the time they would have been way down the agenda”
“ A very strong character”
“ You can tell rivers are a passion for him and the combination is powerful—personality and the ability to make things happen”
“In and out of his professional role he has achieved an awful lot for the area and is very well respected”
“ Knows what is going on and what the opportunities are”