Table 1. Relational ties measured.

Frequency of contact (social relationships)
How often are you in contact with each member of the SWSG regarding issues relating to river regeneration in Sheffield? (1–5 Likert scale)
Type of relationship
Describe your relationship with each of the SWSG members.
(Acquaintance, professional relationship, work colleague, friend, close friend)
Information exchange
With whom do you most regularly exchange information on regeneration issues?
Who would you ask when needing expert advice on ecological or nature issues?

Who would you ask when needing expert advice on city planning issues?
Advice regarding conflict
If you needed advice on an issue that may have the potential to cause conflict between SWSG members, with whom would you discuss it?
With whom do you/have you collaborated on river regeneration projects or initiatives?
Who do you trust to give you reliable information on river regeneration plans and activities? (1 – 5 Likert scale)

Who do you trust to share your values and visions for Sheffield’s waterways?
Who within the group do you consider to have the most influence to make change given the quest for sustainable urban waterways?