Table 2. Key references of knowledge domains linked to dimensions and scales from case studies.

Dimension Scales Key references
Network Affiliation hierarchy Breiger 1974, Wasserman and Faust 1994
  Implicit vs. explicit Crown and Rosse 1995
Knowledge Local/scientific knowledge Berkes and Folke 2002, Gagnon and Berteaux 2009
  Knowledge mismatches van Eeten 1999, Hermans et al. 2010
Policy Flexibility Choe and Fraser 2001, Aldy et al. 2003
  Policy decision levels Jantsch 1970
Management Organizational learning Argyris and Schön 1978, Flood and Romm 1996
System consciousness Westley 2002, Westley et al. 2006
  Process vs. project management Meier and O’Toole Jr 2001, Edelenbos and Klijn 2009
Sectors Inter-sector cooperation Faulkner and Senker 1994, Casimir and Dutilh 2003, Peterson 2009, van Mierlo et al. 2009
Vision Vision development and adaptation Westley and Mintzberg 1989, Berson et al. 2001, van der Helm 2009, O’Connell et al. 2011
Innovation Innovation pathways Feder and Umali 1993, Kash and Rycroft 2002, Rycroft and Kash 2002
  Capacity, effort, willingness McGrath 2001, McDermott and O'Connor 2002
Status Organizational status Podolny and Stuart 1995, Podolny and Phillips 1996, Gray and Balmer 1998
Roles Role definitions and expectations Sverrisson 2001