APPENDIX 1. Thematic guideline

Participation / motivations
Since when do you participate in the Garden Butterflies Watch program? Since when do you observe butterflies?
How did you discover the program?
Are you participating in other similar watching programs?
Why did you decide to observe? What are you motivations? What does it brings you?

What are your reactions and feelings when you observe butterflies?
Do you know the butterflies’ species? What do you think about butterflies?
How do you perceive your participation in the program?
Did you observe differences about the butterflies’ populations in your garden, according to the different years?
Are you interested in the annual results about butterflies provided by the Museum?

Relation to the garden
How often do you observe butterflies? What is you observation method?
How do you perceive your garden?
Did you consider special practices or changes in your garden, in relation with the participation in the program?

Social and communication
Do you talk about your participation in the program? Do you interact with people, within the watching program or in a similar observation context?