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Table of Contents: Volume 17, Issue 4

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Reconnecting to the Biosphere: a Social-Ecological Renaissance
Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson
Guest Editorial
Diversified Farming Systems: An Agroecological, Systems-based Alternative to Modern Industrial Agriculture
Claire Kremen, Alastair Iles, and Christopher Bacon
Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forest Management Alternatives in Europe: an Introductory Background and Framework
Jean-Michel Carnus , Geerten M. Hengeveld, and Bill Mason
The Privilege to Fish
Mimi E. Lam and Meaghan E. Calcari Campbell
Forestry and Road Development: Direct and Indirect Impacts from an Aboriginal Perspective.
Marie-Christine Adam, Daniel Kneeshaw, and Tom M Beckley
Observations of Everyday Biodiversity: a New Perspective for Conservation?
Alix Cosquer, Richard Raymond, and Anne-Caroline Prevot-Julliard
Resilience and Water Governance: Adaptive Governance in the Columbia River Basin
Barbara A Cosens and Mark Kevin Williams
A Commentary on “Resilience and Water Governance: Adaptive Governance in the Columbia River Basin”
A response to: Cosens and Williams. 2012. “Resilience and Water Governance: Adaptive Governance in the Columbia River Basin”
Brian H Walker
Response to "Panarchy and the Law"
A response to: Ruhl. 2012. “Panarchy and the Law”
C. S. Holling
Corporate Social Responsibility or Government Regulation? Evidence on Oil Spill Prevention
Jedrzej G Frynas
The Natural Resource Management Implications of Rural Property Turnover
Emily Mendham, Allan Curtis, and Joanne Millar
Suitability of Local Resource Management Practices Based on Supernatural Enforcement Mechanisms in the Local Social-cultural Context
Masatoshi Sasaoka and Yves Laumonier
Frames of Scale Challenges in Finnish and Greek Biodiversity Conservation
Evangelia Apostolopoulou and Riikka Paloniemi
Understanding Household Connectivity and Resilience in Marginal Rural Communities through Social Network Analysis in the Village of Habu, Botswana
Lin Cassidy and Grenville D. Barnes
Fit, Interplay, and Scale: A Diagnosis
Arild Vatn and Paul Vedeld
Protected Areas and Local Communities: an Inevitable Partnership toward Successful Conservation Strategies?
Gustavo S. M. Andrade and Jonathan R Rhodes
Mismatch Between Scales of Knowledge in Nepalese Forestry: Epistemology, Power, and Policy Implications
Helene Ahlborg and Andrea J. Nightingale
Climate Change and Western Public Lands: a Survey of U.S. Federal Land Managers on the Status of Adaptation Efforts
Kelli M Archie, Lisa Dilling, Jana B Milford, and Fred C Pampel
Social-ecological Functions and Vulnerability Framework to Analyze Forest Policy Reforms
Fanny Rives, Martine Antona, and Sigrid Aubert
Empowering Local People through Community-based Resource Monitoring: a Comparison of Brazil and Namibia
Pedro de Araujo Lima Constantino, Henrique Santiago Alberto Carlos, Emiliano Esterci Ramalho, Luke Rostant, Carlos Eduardo Marinelli, Davi Teles, Sinomar Fonseca Fonseca-Junior, Rômulo Batista Fernandes, and João Valsecchi
Exploring Dimensions, Scales, and Cross-scale Dynamics from the Perspectives of Change Agents in Social–ecological Systems.
Joost M. Vervoort, Lucas Rutting, Kasper Kok, Frans L.P. Hermans, Tom Veldkamp, Arnold K. Bregt, and Ron van Lammeren
The Network Governance of Urban River Corridors
Alison R Holt, Peter Moug, and David N Lerner
From coastal timber supply area to Great Bear Rainforest: exploring power in a social–ecological governance innovation.
Michele-Lee Moore and Ola Tjornbo
Pastoralists’ Perception and Ecological Knowledge on Savanna Ecosystem Dynamics in Semi-arid Botswana
Olaotswe Kgosikoma, Witness Mojeremane, and Barbra A. Harvie
Intelligent Tinkering: the Endangered Species Act and Resilience
Melinda Harm Benson
After the Cap: Risk Assessment, Citizen Science and Disaster Recovery
Sabrina McCormick
Establishing the Resilience of a Coastal-marine Social-ecological System to the Installation of Offshore Wind Farms
Benjamin Burkhard and Kira Gee
Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Fisheries Management in the Torres Strait, Australia: the Catalytic Role of Turtles and Dugong as Cultural Keystone Species
James R. A. Butler, Alifereti Tawake, Tim Skewes, Lavenia Tawake, and Vic McGrath
Homeowner Associations as a Vehicle for Promoting Native Urban Biodiversity
Susannah B Lerman, Victoria Kelly Turner, and Christofer Bang
Illusions of Resilience? An Analysis of Community Responses to Change in Northern Norway.
Helene Amundsen
Wicked Social-Ecological Problems Forcing Unprecedented Change on the Latitudinal Margins of Coral Reefs: the Case of Southwest Madagascar
J. Henrich Bruggemann, Martine Rodier, Mireille M.M. Guillaume, Serge Andréfouët, Robert Arfi, Joshua E Cinner, Michel Pichon, Frédéric Ramahatratra, Faravavy Rasoamanendrika, Jens Zinke, and Tim R McClanahan
How Forest Management affects Ecosystem Services, including Timber Production and Economic Return: Synergies and Trade-Offs
Philipp S. Duncker, Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen, Per Gundersen, Klaus Katzensteiner, Johnny De Jong, Hans Peter Ravn, Mike Smith, Otto Eckmüllner, and Heinrich Spiecker
Classification of Forest Management Approaches: A New Conceptual Framework and Its Applicability to European Forestry
Philipp S. Duncker, Susana M. Barreiro, Geerten M. Hengeveld, Torgny Lind, William L. Mason, Slawomir Ambrozy, and Heinrich Spiecker
A Multicriteria Risk Analysis to Evaluate Impacts of Forest Management Alternatives on Forest Health in Europe
Hervé Jactel, Manuela Branco, Philipp Duncker, Barry Gardiner, Wojciech Grodzki, Bo Langstrom, Francisco Moreira, Sigrid Netherer, Bruce Nicoll, Christophe Orazio, Dominique Piou, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, and Karl Tojic
A Forest Management Map of European Forests
Geerten M. Hengeveld, Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Markus Didion, Isabel van den Wyngaert, A.P.P.M. (Sandra) Clerkx, and Mart-Jan Schelhaas
Diagnosing Institutional Fit: a Formal Perspective
Michael Cox
Ecological Conservation, Cultural Preservation, and a Bridge between: the Journey of Shanshui Conservation Center in the Sanjiangyuan Region, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China
Xiaoli Shen and Jiaxin Tan
Enabling Effective Problem-oriented Research for Sustainable Development
Christoph Kueffer, Evelyn Underwood, Gertrude Hirsch Hadorn, Rolf Holderegger, Michael Lehning, Christian Pohl, Mario Schirmer, René Schwarzenbach, Michael Stauffacher, Gabriela Wuelser, and Peter Edwards
A Review of Two Payment Schemes for Watershed Services from China and Vietnam: the Interface of Government Control and PES Theory
Vijay K Kolinjivadi and Terry Sunderland
The Interplay of Well-being and Resilience in Applying a Social-Ecological Perspective
Derek Armitage, Chris Béné, Anthony T Charles, Derek Johnson, and Edward H Allison
Human Dimensions of Coral Reef Social-Ecological Systems
John N Kittinger, Elena M Finkbeiner, Edward W. Glazier, and Larry B. Crowder
Of Fish and Fishermen: Shifting Societal Baselines to Reduce Environmental Harm in Fisheries
Mimi E Lam
Urban Ecological and Social-Ecological Research in the City of Cape Town: Insights Emerging from an Urban Ecology CityLab
Pippin Anderson and Thomas Elmqvist
Fit in the Body: Matching Embodied Cognition with Social-Ecological Systems
Janne I Hukkinen
Shifting Restoration Policy to Address Landscape Change, Novel Ecosystems, and Monitoring
Joy B Zedler, James M. Doherty, and Nicholas A. Miller
Ecosystem Services in Biologically Diversified versus Conventional Farming Systems: Benefits, Externalities, and Trade-Offs
Claire Kremen and Albie Miles
The Social Dimensions of Sustainability and Change in Diversified Farming Systems
Christopher M Bacon, Christy Getz, Sibella Kraus, Maywa Montenegro, and Kaelin Holland
Nurturing Diversified Farming Systems in Industrialized Countries: How Public Policy Can Contribute
Alastair Iles and Robin Marsh
The Role of Rangelands in Diversified Farming Systems: Innovations, Obstacles, and Opportunities in the USA
Nathan F Sayre, Liz Carlisle, Lynn Huntsinger, Gareth Fisher, and Annie Shattuck
Book Review
Book Review: Goldstein, B. E. 2012. Collaborative Resilience: Moving Through Crisis to Opportunity. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lisen Schultz
Indigenous Participation in Intercultural Education: Learning from Mexico and Tanzania
Gemma Burford, Susanne Kissmann, Francisco J. Rosado-May, Santos H. Alvarado Dzul, and Marie K. Harder
Syndromes of Production in Agriculture: Prospects for Social-Ecological Regime Change
John H. Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto
A Theory on Urban Resilience to Floods—A Basis for Alternative Planning Practices
Kuei-Hsien Liao
A Moment of Mental Model Clarity: Response to Jones et al. 2011
A response to: Jones et al. 2011. “Mental Models: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Theory and Methods”
Matthew D Wood, Ann Bostrom, Matteo Convertino, Daniel Kovacs, and Igor Linkov
Adaptive Capacity as Cultural Practice
A response to: Maru et al. 2012. “A Synthesis of Current Approaches to Traps Is Useful But Needs Rethinking for Indigenous Disadvantage and Poverty Research”
Benedict J. Colombi and Courtland L. Smith
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