Table 2. Results of a questionnaire distributed to the authors participating in the study sites (n = 29) on how the experience of the SAF applications influenced their research.

Helpful qualities from your SAF research experience Percentage
Are you convinced that science should reach out to better inform policy and the public? 95
Did the SAF broaden your research experience? 92
Would you like to join a SAF users group and/or attend SAF workshops? 85
Was the stakeholder participation a positive aspect to pursue in future SAF applications? 85
Did your institute favor the multidisciplinary aspect of the SAF, i.e., integrating ecological, social, and economic research? 84
Did constructing the simulation models increase your understanding of your coastal zone? 82
Were you able to use the SAF experience to promote future research opportunities? 78
Do you now have a different opinion on the type of data that should be acquired to analyze the function of your coastal zone? 77
Have you used your SAF experience for advisory work? 54
Have you used your SAF knowledge for teaching or training purposes? 53