Table 2. List of stakeholders in the participant group.

Number of participants in each meeting Institution Stake related to policy issue
3 Management of the water basin of Alentejo region Regional water resources authority; implementation of Water Framework Directive
4 Algarve water basin management
3 Castro Marim and Vila Real de S. António saltmarshes Natural Reserve Conservation of the salt marsh and biological communities
1 Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António Local municipality; definition of socioeconomic development strategies
5 Ecologists in Action Active participation in the defence of environmental quality (e.g., monitoring waste discharges, environmental education, complaints to municipalities)
2 Almargem - natural heritage defence
2 Woods and environment Friends
1 Alqueva dam management Management of river discharge controlled by Alqueva dam
5 Wastewater management company Implementation and maintenance of urban wastewater treatment facilities
2 NEMUS – environmental requalification management company Environmental assessment of large projects (e.g., navigation channel dredging); elaboration of river basin management plans
1 Salt farming company Traditional economic activity dependent on both water quality and consumers’ perception of ecosystem health