Table 2. Objectives listed in the Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge Fire Management Plan (FMP).

Objective Number of times mentioned in FMP
†Use fire as a natural ecological process/maintain fire-dependent ecosystems 26
†Avoid catastrophic fires/reduce fuel load 21
†Improve habitat/ maintain wildlife populations 17
†Maintain early successional habitats 12
†Restore fire-adapted ecosystems/historic conditions 10
†Conduct research on effects of wildland and prescribed fire 9
Protect cultural/historic/archeological sites 7
†Maintain wilderness values 7
†Provide willow regrowth for moose habitat 7
†Use wildland and prescribed fire for resource management objectives 6
Preserve subsistence access 6
†Protect wetlands for waterfowl or muskrat 3
Protect sensitive habitat (peregrine falcon or caribou) 3
†Maintain diverse vegetative mosaic 3
Maintain recreational opportunities 2
Protect water quality 2
Protect community values 1
† fire described as a method to meet the management objective.