Table 1. Stakeholder groups and meetings.

Meeting date Meeting Objective Meeting Location Participants

 4 October 2007
 19 May 2008
 20 June 2009
 16 October 2009
 14 June 2010

 System Design Step
 Formulation Step-Phase 1
 Formulation Step-Phase 2
 Appraisal Step
 Output Step

 Varna, BSBD
 Varna, Hotel Aqua
 Varna, BSBD
 Varna, Golden Tulip Hotel
 Varna, Golden Tulip Hotel


Core group-Black Sea Basin Directorate; Regional inspectorate for environmental protection and water – Varna; Regional inspectorate for environmental and health protection; Water supply and sewer system Agency; Municipality-Varna District;
 Stakeholders group-Port Authority-Varna; Chemical industrial Consortium- Devnya AD; Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, BAS, Varna; NGOs/Environmental agencies – National Tourism Agency-Varna; Executive Agency for Fishery and Aquaculture-Varna; Time Foundation (NGO); Black Sea NGO Network-Varna; Foundation Institute of Ecological Modernization; Varna Tourism Chamber; Governmental and Municipal authorities – Municipal Administration Varna, Regional Administration Varna; Civil protection authorities, Coast-protection agencies, Local communities/owners
Core group attended all meetings