Table 2. Overview of the indicators and models that were used to calculate the ES (the detailed model descriptions and information can be found in Appendix 1).

Ecosystem service Indicator and Unit Model description Reference
Local climate regulation Surface emissivity [index] Look-up table with land surface emissivities per land-use type Schwarz et al. (2010)
Recreation potential Green space per capita [m2 / person] Total available green space per raster cell divided by the number of people living there Haase et al. (2011)
Carbon mitigation Above ground carbon storage [MgCO2] Extrapolation of field data for carbon storage in trees Strohbach et al. (2011)
Biodiversity potential Habitat potential for bird species [index] Regression model for land-use type (bird species) Strohbach (2010)
Food supply Food supply [GJ/ha] Regression model for land-use and soil types (yield) Kroll et al. (2010)