Table 3. Vegetation status and summary of interview results in relation to Erica post-fire age.

Vegetation data Summary of interview answers
Erica age (years) Erica trimera average
Erica canopy cover
Pasture quality Bokata risk Predator§ risk Fire potential Should be burnt
3 0.4 40 best none low none no
6 0.7 60 good none low conditional| no/yes
15 1.6 90 poor high high high yes
30 4.0 90 very poor high high decreasing yes
old forest 11.0 90 poor none n/a no no
Erica height and canopy cover in relation to age refer to the upper limit for each class and are taken from the vegetation survey (Fig. 10) and unpublished data for older stages.
Bokata is the local name for the stinging moth caterpillar.
§ Large predators: hyena, leopard, and lion
| Can burn only with strong wind or steep slope