Table 2. Potential Policy Issues

Human Activity Objective Indicators of
(in priority order) Pressures States / Conditions Societal response
Tourism & leisure Increase, e.g. 5% per year in moorings / berths in Firth of Clyde - Number of moorings/ berths/ visiting boats
- Number of wildlife operators
- Tourism levels
- Coastal recreation visitor days, overnights
Activities reducing water quality in the Clyde system Maintain & improve water quality to legislative standards - EU, UK - Number of reported pollution incidents
- Waste water points
- Water quality testing failures
- Quality elements from the WFD and other water quality directives (e.g., N, P, coliforms etc.)
- Status of monitored beaches
- Acreage of shellfish growing areas with harvest restrictions resulting from pollution
- Beach closures
Competition and conflict for space and resources e.g. moorings, infrastructure Minimize conflict for space and resources by integrated development and spatial planning within ecological carrying capacity - Number of marinas/moorings
- Land tenure
- Aquaculture productivity
- Number of sectors and proportional representation
- Area of coastal water off limits to fishing
- Presence of marine spatial planning and/or coastal zone partnerships
- Opportunity costs
Disturbance to marine wildlife & ecosystems from leisure operations e.g. wildlife watching, strikes, anchors etc. Minimize disturbance to wildlife and habitats through appropriate planning and management instruments - Number of wildlife watching tours
- Number of infringements / reported incidents
- Status of indicator species - Presence of management instruments
- Presence of monitoring/reporting programs
Infrastructure development (e.g. marinas) causing habitat loss Minimize habitat loss from existing and new leisure infrastructure - Land use changes - Status of designated areas
- Percent change in extent of some marine and coastal habitats
- Protected areas as % of total area
Socio-economic development in rural communities Maximize and diversify the socio-economic development in rural communities in the Clyde in a sustainable context - Value of, employment in, tourism industry
- Employment in other industries
- Average wage
- Proportion of seafood sold locally
- Pop. age structure
- Economic diversity
- Unemployment / GDP
- Income distribution
- Population within x km of the coast
Safety incidents and severity Improve safety at sea within appropriate regulatory limits and guidelines - Number and severity of accidents
- Number of RNLI boat/tourism/leisure related call-outs
Carbon footprint of increased leisure activities and associated travel Minimize the carbon footprint of leisure travel - Tourist statistics + CO2 emissions
- Mode of travel / location