Table 7. Stakeholder involvement and some opinions.

Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPA) Representatives actively participated in all meetings since the very beginning and contributed information helpful to the development of the model.
I’m eager to see final results because this project contains all the components that are often treated separately...I appreciate how this team is approaching all aspects and hope they can merge all the policy components.
Taranto Province Representatives were always in good attendance and demonstrated strong interest to cooperate, even though different individuals attended different meetings. Post-project interest remains strong, particularly with regard to the sewage treatment solutions and to the continued use of the model.
The project is very useful for needs to revise the model also with technicians present in has done very complete work and we look forward to seeing the final model with more details.
Taranto Municipality Representatives always attended and were interested and cooperative.
Harbor Office Representatives contributed their know-how and continued to collaborate even after a change in personnel.
“a model such as that created by SPICOSA is desperately needed and should be used by the institutions to implement a genuine land-use planning...The MP should be divided into plots of production (lots) on the basis of technical parameters established by the SPICOSA model to improve productivity and quality of mussels. The results of this work will be incorporated into the strategies of the distretto to improve production with obvious repercussions for social and economic issues. This could also be useful to reduce the high concentration of facilities in MP.”
Municipality –
“Centro Ittico”
The director has expressed special interest in using the model to support the planning and management of Mar Piccolo and regulate state concessions.
Local Health Authority (ASL) Representatives actively participated in all meetings since the very beginning and contributed information helpful to the development of the model. is extremely important that Taranto mussels be healthy and of high quality...Farmers may then understand that that they could cut the production effort by half and triple the price.
University/Academic Professors were present and interested in the project, which was also presented to PhD students of the University of Lecce.
Media Always present at our meetings, devoted to the project, and dedicated generous slots in newspapers and TV news.
Harbor Authority Attended only the initial meetings, because they are not direct users of the Mar Piccolo.
Industries Attended only the initial meetings.
Mussel farmers
After the first initial encounters, the farmers participated actively in meetings and cooperated by providing information otherwise not available from official sources. Our work was assisted by the intervention of a facilitator, who is very familiar with farmers’ issues.
SPICOSA = Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment