Table 2. Institutional map and stakeholder roles.

Governmental policy makers
Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPA) Pollutants control, environmental monitoring, assessment of environmental impact
Provides technical-scientific support to regional and local authorities
Regional Government Planning, implementation strategies, classification of farmable areas, sanitary hygienic laws for production and marketing of mollusks
Water quality for aquaculture
Taranto Province Environment Department Industrial drainage site surveys, authorizations, control and mapping
Productive Department Support to farms
Quality promotion and certification
Taranto Municipality Environment Department Permits and authorizations for urban drainage structures
Production Department Fish marketing management
Harbor Office (before 2010)
“Centro Ittico” (today)
Authorizations, licensing, and control on fish farming operations
Local Sanitary Authority (ASL) Authorization for urban drainages
Sanitary controls on the production and marketing of live mussels
Classification of mussel production and depuration areas
Labeling of fish products and control system
Lecce and Taranto Universities Academic and research Institutions
Media Divulgence and communication
Harbor Authority Technical and administrative marine police
Industries Multinational companies and some pressure groups as protagonists of impacts to seascape
Aquaculture and Fisheries Organizations Fish farm management