Table 2. Survey questions used to measure predictor variables.

Variable Question(s) Response format (coding)
Concern about resource condition I) Across the fishery, what condition would you say stocks are in, relative to what they could be? II) How many reefs or areas do you have concerns about in terms of their condition? I) Very good (5); good (4); average (3); poor (2); very poor (1). II) None (1); a few (2.3); many (3.7); all (5)†‡
Financial strain How would you rate your overall level of financial strain at the moment, on a scale of 1 to 5? (1) indicates no strain, everything is fine; to (5), very strained and facing significant financial problems
Experience in industry When did you begin diving and/or first purchase quota? years
Age years
Income from fishery (%) What is the percentage of your household income that comes from the abalone industry? %
Four-point response scale coded onto a five-point scale so that the two questions could be combined.
Cronbach’s alpha = 0.74, indicating these questions provide a consistent measure of a single underlying concept (Peterson 1994).