Table 1. Predictor variables and hypothesized effects on the conservativeness of management opinions.

Variable Hypothesized effect on management opinions Direction of effect
Concern about resource condition Those who consider stocks to be in poorer condition would be more likely to advocate measures to improve them (Poteete and Ostrom 2004) +
Financial strain Higher levels of financial strain would increase stakeholders’ discount rates, making long-term payoffs less attractive; resulting in less conservative management rules (Agrawal 2001) -
Experience in industry/age Older, more experienced stakeholders would be less conservative (Moon et al. 2002, Baticados 2004). -
Income from fishery (%) A high reliance on the fishery, assessed as a proportion of household income, could: promote a greater long-term vested interest (Agrawal 2001); or restrict an individual’s capacity to incur short-term costs (Gelcich et al. 2005). ±