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Table of Contents: Volume 17, Issue 3

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Guest Editorial
Mental Models in Human–Environment Interactions: Theory, Policy Implications, and Methodological Explorations
Timothy Lynam and Katrina Brown
A Systems Approach for Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones
Alice Newton
Using Private Rights to Manage Natural Resources: Is Stewardship Linked to Ownership?
Patrick W Gilmour, Robert W Day, and Peter D Dwyer
Spatial Fit, from Panacea to Practice: Implementing the EU Water Framework Directive
Timothy Moss
Building ties: social capital network analysis of a forest community in a biosphere reserve in Chiapas, Mexico
Luis Rico García-Amado, Manuel Ruiz Pérez, Irene Iniesta-Arandia, Guillaume Dahringer, Felipe Reyes, and Sara Barrasa
Mammal Distribution in Nunavut: Inuit Harvest Data and COSEWIC’s Species at Risk Assessment Process
Karen A. Kowalchuk and Richard G. Kuhn
Community Resilience and Oil Spills in Coastal Louisiana
Craig E Colten, Jenny Hay, and Alexandra Giancarlo
Collaborative Engagement of Local and Traditional Knowledge and Science in Marine Environments: A Review
Thomas F Thornton and Adela Maciejewski Scheer
Progress Toward Sustainable Mussel Aquaculture in Mar Piccolo, Italy
Carmela Caroppo, Laura Giordano, Nadia Palmieri, Giovanna Bellio, Antonio Paride Bisci, Giuseppe Portacci, Patricia Sclafani, and Tom Sawyer Hopkins
Adaptive Comanagement: a Systematic Review and Analysis
Ryan Plummer, Beatrice Crona, Derek R Armitage, Per Olsson, Maria Tengö, and Olga Yudina
Water Management on the Island of IJsselmonde 1000 to 1953: Polycentric Governance, Adaptation, and Petrification
Erik Mostert
Monkey Management: Using Spatial Ecology to Understand the Extent and Severity of Human–Baboon Conflict in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa
Tali S Hoffman and M Justin O'Riain
The Identification of Potential Resilient Estuary-based Enterprises to Encourage Economic Empowerment in South Africa: a Toolkit Approach
Rebecca Bowd, Nevil Quinn, Donovan C Kotze, Duncan G Hay, and Myles Mander
Mussels and Yachts in Loch Fyne, Scotland: a Case Study of the Science-Policy Interface
Paul Tett, Branka Valcic, Tavis Potts, Callum Whyte, Fiona Culhane, and Teresa Fernandes
Tending for Cattle: Traditional Fire Management in Ethiopian Montane Heathlands
Maria U Johansson, Masresha Fetene, Anders Malmer, and Anders Granström
Food-Carbon Trade-offs between Agriculture and Reforestation Land Uses under Alternate Market-based Policies
Stacey Paterson and Brett Anthony Bryan
Synergies, Trade-offs, and Losses of Ecosystem Services in Urban Regions: an Integrated Multiscale Framework Applied to the Leipzig-Halle Region, Germany
Dagmar Haase, Nina Schwarz, Michael Strohbach, Franziska Kroll, and Ralf Seppelt
Waypoints on a Journey of Discovery: Mental Models in Human-Environment Interactions
Timothy Lynam, Raphael Mathevet, Michel Etienne, Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Anne Leitch, Nathalie Jones, Helen Ross, Derick Du Toit, Sharon Pollard, Harry Biggs, and Pascal Perez
Assessing the Sustainability of Small Farmer Natural Resource Management Systems. A Critical Analysis of the MESMIS Program (1995-2010)
Marta Astier, Luis García-Barrios, Yankuic Galván-Miyoshi, Carlos E González-Esquivel, and Omar R Masera
Insights and Opportunities Offered by a Rapid Ecosystem Service Assessment in Promoting a Conservation Agenda in an Urban Biodiversity Hotspot
Patrick J O’Farrell, Pippin M. L. Anderson, David C Le Maitre, and Patricia M Holmes
Panarchy and the Law
J. B. Ruhl
Comanagement at the Fringes: Examining Stakeholder Perspectives at Macassar Dunes, Cape Town, South Africa—at the Intersection of High Biodiversity, Urban Poverty, and Inequality
M. Graham and H. Ernstson
Environmental and Management Constraints on Tourism in Varna Bay, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Snejana Moncheva, Eleonora Racheva, Lyudmila Kamburska, and Johanna D'Hernoncourt
Baltic Herring Fisheries Management: Stakeholder Views to Frame the Problem
Päivi Haapasaari, Samu Mäntyniemi, and Sakari Kuikka
A Case for Developing Place-Based Fire Management Strategies from Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Lily A Ray, Crystal A Kolden, and F. Stuart Chapin III
The impact of water quality changes on the socio-economic system of the Guadiana Estuary: an assessment of management options
Mª Helena E. Guimarães, André Mascarenhas, Carlos Sousa, Tomasz Boski, and Tomaz Ponce Dentinho
Socioeconomic Response to Water Quality: a First Experience in Science and Policy Integration for the Izmit Bay Coastal System
Leyla Gamze Tolun, Seyla Ergenekon, Selda Murat Hocaoglu, Asli Suha Donertas, Tulay Cokacar, Sinan Husrevoglu, Colpan Polat Beken, and Ahmet Baban
Social Resilience and Commercial Fishers’ Responses to Management Changes in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Stephen G Sutton and Renae C Tobin
Environmental Governance as Stochastic Belief Updating: Crafting Rules to Live by
Daniel W. Bromley
Exploring Panarchy in Alpine Grasslands: an Application of Adaptive Cycle Concepts to the Conservation of a Cultural Landscape
Ian D. Soane, Rocco Scolozzi, Alessandro Gretter, and Klaus Hubacek
Adaptation or Manipulation? Unpacking Climate Change Response Strategies
Dana C Thomsen, Timothy F Smith, and Noni Keys
Community Adaptation to the Hebei-Spirit Oil Spill
So-Min Cheong
An Ecological View of the History of the City of Cape Town
Pippin M. L. Anderson and Patrick J O’Farrell
Adaptive Management Fitness of Watersheds
Ignacio Porzecanski, Lynn V. Saunders, and Mark T. Brown
Urban Ecology in Cape Town: South African Comparisons and Reflections
Sarel S Cilliers and Stefan J Siebert
Forests as Patrimonies? From Theory to Tangible Processes at Various Scales
Genevieve Michon, Bruno Romagny, Laurent Auclair, and Marc Deconchat
Avoiding Environmental Catastrophes: Varieties of Principled Precaution
Alan R Johnson
Drivers, "Slow" Variables, "Fast" Variables, Shocks, and Resilience
Brian H Walker, Stephen R Carpenter, Johan Rockstrom, Anne-Sophie Crépin, and Garry D Peterson
Agents, Individuals, and Networks: Modeling Methods to Inform Natural Resource Management in Regional Landscapes
Lael Parrott, Clément Chion, Rodolphe Gonzalès, and Guillaume Latombe
A Systems Approach Framework for the Transition to Sustainable Development: Potential Value Based on Coastal Experiments
Tom S. Hopkins , Denis Bailly, Ragnar Elmgren, Gillian Glegg, Audun Sandberg , and Josianne G. Støttrup
Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process
Peter M Rosset and Maria Elena Martínez-Torres
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