Table 2. Model suite modules and their main components, inputs, and outputs.

Tool Module Inputs Outputs
PCRaster Grid layers of soil surface, soil, and subsoil; hydrological network Annual rainfall, temperature, nitrogen inputs from soil surface surplus Discharge, nitrogen fluxes
ExtendSim Nitrogen production Cattle density, crop area Nitrogen surplus; dairy, meat, and crop production
Nitrogen abatement costs Nitrogen norm, nitrogen surplus, production Transport costs, processing costs
Farm income Cattle, transport costs, processing costs Income per farm and per employee
Income effect Income per farm Change in number of farms
Farm area reallocation Income per farm, number of farms, change in number of farms Area per farm
Source deposition standard Nitrogen concentration Nitrogen norm
Estuarine box model Upstream concentration, downstream concentration Box concentration
Climate change (generic scenario dialog) Scenario 1990–2050 Annual precipitation, mean temperature
Policy measure option (generic module) Start and end time, step size, path to input file Various, e.g., cattle stock reduction, buffer strips, fertilizer use, nitrogen concentration at outflow point
Spatial-dynamic interface (generic module) Time step N/A