Table 2. Main bridging organizations, their mandates, and connections.

Organization Org. Type Water related mandate Number of collaborations with municipalities
Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment,, and Parks (MDDEP) Gov. To protect the environment 13
The Nature Center of Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Centre MSH) NGO 1. To assure over the short and long term conservation of Mont-Saint-Hilaire
2. To offer educational and cultural activities that allow all citizens to experience nature
3. To promote conservation of the natural spaces of the region
Organization of the Yamaska Watershed (COGBY) NGO To improve the water quality of the Yamaska water basin 7
Organization of the Richelieu Watershed (COVABAR) NGO 1. To develop an ecosystem approach to management of the water basin
2. To educate and inform citizens about decisions relevant to the water basin
3. To promote citizens’ access to the watershed
Municipal Regional Council of Richelieu Valley Gov. To support the management of water 7
Municipal Regional Council of High Yamaska Gov. 1. Address the blue-green algae problem in the region’s rivers and lakes.
2. To create permanent management of the territories water.
Municipal Regional Council Rouville Gov. 1. To manage water in the jurisdiction
2. To implement regulations surrounding water management in municipalities
Municipal Regional Council Brome-Missisquoi Gov. 1. To maintain and repair waterways
2. To intervene in water management when necessary
Municipal Regional Council Les Maskoutains Gov. To manage the rivers in all the municipalities of its territory 2