Fig. 5. Key bridging organizations. a) The most central bridging organization in our case study is the Provincial Ministry of the Environment (MDDEP). b) MRCs are regional government organizations, whose French name tralates to Municipal Regional Counties, in our study areas, and they partially connect their regions. c) Networks with NGOs Conseil de la Gestion du Bassin Versant De La Yamaska (COGEBY) and Comité de Concertation et de Valorization de la Rivière (COVABAR) are important bridging organizations with mandates to improve and protect water quality in each basin. A gray line divides the basins. d) The Nature Center of Mont-Saint-Hilaire is a regional NGO that focuses on Mont-Saint-Hilaire, a forested mountain in the region. It is a key bridging organization in the water quality management network.

Fig. 5