Table 1. Equations used in the calculation of E. globulus residues biomass

(Tomé et al. 2007a):

(Soares and Tomé 2003):

(Tomé et al. 2007b):

(L. Fontes, M. Tomé, J. Tomé, and M. B. Coelho unpublished manuscript):

where N is the stand density (ha-1); hdom is the dominant height (m); t is the stand age (years); dg is the quadratic mean dbh (cm); cop is a dummy variable for coppice, assuming the value 0 for planted stands and 1 for coppice stands; h is the total tree height of the average tree (m); hst is the stump height considered 0.15 m; hc is the tree height up to the base of the crown (m); hi is the top height (m); di is a top diameter (cm); wi di is the biomass of the component below diameter di (Mg ha-1) and where i represents: w for wood, b for bark, br for branches and l for leaves; wadi is the aboveground biomass below a top diameter di.