Table 1. Quantities included in the model and their description. Table rows are grouped according to the entities of the model.

Quantity Brief description
Landscape Cells
Coordinates Determine the position of the cell (cell center) in the model landscape.
Size The size of a cell (length (l); width (w)) represents a real-world dimension of 100 m x 100 m.
Number 10.201 cells, which corresponds to 102 km²
Habitat quality (hq) The cells can take integer values for habitat quality (hq) between 0 and 3. hq = 0 represents unsuitable foraging habitat, e.g., forest. hq = 3 represents the best foraging conditions, e.g., grassland with a favorable mowing regime.
Red Kite
Coordinates Determine the position of the Red Kite in the model landscape.
Flight distance Length of a straightforward flight: 100 m
Circling radius Radius of a soaring circle during foraging flight: 100 m
Flight speed Average speed of the Red Kite: 15 km/h (Bruderer and Boldt 2001)
Flight height probability (pfh) Probability that the raptor ranges at a height swathed by a WT rotor; based on empirical flight height distribution
Flight through rotor probability (prsa) Probability that the raptor flies through the rotor-swept area and does not pass through.

Physical collision probability (pBAND)

Probability of a bird being hit by a rotor blade if passing orthogonally to rotor-swept area.
Collision avoidance probability (pav) The likelihood of a Red Kite actively avoiding collision with a WT.
Probability of circling and flying forward (pf) Controls flight behavior during the search flight (see Fig. 2). The variable pf indicates the probability of flying forward. The probability of performing a left respectively a right full circle is (1-pf)/2.
Maximum residence time on cell (T) Determines how long the agent occupies the same cell, given that all neighboring cells are of lower habitat quality.
Wind turbine
Coordinates Determine the position of the WT in the model landscape.
Hub height (hh) Height of the rotor center: 78 m
Rotor blade length (r) Half of the rotor diameter: ½ of 82 m = 41 m