Table 1. PCA loadings for questionnaire items after rotation (Varimax with Kaiser normalization); questionnaire statements were translated from Italian

Questionnaire statements translated from Italian Component loadings
(orthogonally rotated)
I am proud of the lake landscape .569 .268 -.268
The lake reminds me of important moments in my life .818 -.082 .109
I feel attached to the lake .796 .134 .167
The majority of Comaschi was opposed to the wall construction (from September 2009) .041 .696 .035
From the beginning, I trusted in the efficacy of the protest against the wall .088 .727 -.051
The wall would be useful to prevent floods in Como† .074 .216 .740
The wall is a threat to the economy of Como (tourism) -.024 .537 .452
The wall would have allowed more water to be tored sin the lake, allowing greater use in the agricultural districts downstream† .120 -.089 .618
The city administration provided sufficient information on the project before starting the construction† -.083 .129 .632
I was very surprised by the construction of the wall .129 .481 .274
Composite variable vA vS vP
Cronbach’s alpha 0.611 0.552 0.506
† The response was reverse-scored for analysis