Table 1. Dependent and independent variables tested in this study.

Factor Variable Measure Method Code

Independent variables
Experience Benthic species harvested # of benthic species harvested interview BEN
Fish harvested # of species of fish harvested interview FISH
Management area time Proportion of time spent in MA interview MAT
Open ocean time Proportion of time spent in ocean interview OCT
River time Proportion of time spent in river interview RIVT
Livelihood # of fishing activities (purse seine, diving, fishing) interview FAC
Livelihood # of activities outside the fishery interview OAC
Land owned Area of land owned (m2) interview LAND
Fisher experience # of years fishing interview YEAR
Years of education Years of education Interview EDU
Fisher age Age Interview AGE
Environment Carnivore health % Loco shell w/ endobionts ecological survey BORE
Carnivore health Weight loco meat (g) ecological survey WEIGH
Carnivore health Length loco meat (cm) ecological survey LENGTH
Chlorophyll-a Change in chlorophyll-a (mg/m3) in management area (1999- 2003) satellite image PHOT
Geospatial Distance to headquarters Distance to fisher headquarters interview DISTHQ
Size MA Size (ha) of management area GIS AREAMA
Distance to MA Distance to management area (m) GIS DISTMA
Distance to market Distance (km) from fishing headquarters to Valdivia city GIS ROADV
Conversion to plantations % new plantation in watershed satellite image PLANT
Technology Boat availability Boats (#) interview BOAT

Dependent Variables
Total catch # locos caught in the 2004 season per syndicate SERNAPESCA TOTAL
Catch-per-unit effort locos # locos/day per syndicate in 2004 SERNAPESCA CPUE
Price of loco Price per kilo (pesos/kg) Interview loco
Management area income Rank order of income per month in management area Interview MAI
Price of congrio Price per kilo (pesos/kg) Interview congrio