Table 1. The case studies

Case study Key organizations Key instruments for the Indigenous engagement Forms of IEK
Indigenous-governed collaborations IG
Murray and Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) Indigenous Nations of the Murray and Lower Darling Constitution of the Murray Lower Darling River Indigenous Nations Indigenous use and occupancy mapping, cultural heritage sites assessments
Northern Australia Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) NAILSMA Board Heads of Agreement between Kimberley Land Council, Northern Land Council and Balkanu On-country digital video recording, language posters of ethnobotany and zoology
Indigenous-driven co-governance ICoG
Cape York Caring for Country Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Cape York Agenda of the Cape York Institute and partners On-country digital video recording, digital databases
Dhimurru IPA, Sea Country Plan Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation Indigenous Protected Areas within the National Reserve System Art, language, story, on-country knowledge transmission
Djabugay Indigenous Land Management Techniques Djabugay Tribal Aboriginal Corporation Indigenous customary law/lore Photographic recording, on-country knowledge transmission
Djelk Rangers Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation Northern Land Council Rangers Program; also now an IPA Indigenous fire management, art, language
Kimberley Appropriate Economies Roundtable KLC, ACF, EK Steering Committee Kimberley Land Council, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environs Kimberley Letter of Agreement 2004 Art, language, photographic recording
Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Land (Lake Condah and Framlingham Forest) Act 1987 (Cth) Cultural and archaeological site recording
Miriuwung-Gajerrong Cultural Planning MG Corporation Ord Final Agreement; MG native title determinations Art, language, on-country knowledge transmission
Ngarrindjeri Nation Sea Country Plan Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority South-east Regional Marine Plan; Regional Partnership Agreement Indigenous use and occupancy mapping
Victorian Native Title Settlement Framework Victorian Traditional Owner Land Justice Group Indigenous Management Agreements under the Framework Indigenous knowledge of rights over country
Agency-driven co-governance ACoG
Cape York Peninsula Tenure Resolution CYP Tenure Resolution Implementation Group Cape York Land Use Heads of Agreement; Cape York Peninsula Heritage Act 2007 (Qld) On-country knowledge transmission, site documentation
Desert Livelihoods InlandTM Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, research agreements between partners On-country transmission, co-research, scientists and Indigenous peoples
Eastern Kuku-Yalanji ILUA Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation Native Title Acts On-country transmission, photos/documents
Healthy Country, Healthy People Joint Australian and Northern Territory Government Steering Committee Schedule 2.5 to the Overarching Agreement on Indigenous Affairs Rangers, on-country transmission, photo/documents
Mutawintji National Park Mutawintji Board of Management Mutawintji National Park Lease (agreement) On-country transmission, cultural heritage site recording
Urannah Station Indigenous Land Corporation; Urannah Property Association Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 On-country transmission
Wet Tropics Regional Agreement Rainforest Aboriginal Consultative Committee Wet Tropics Regional Agreement, Wet Tropics World Heritage Protection and Management Act 1993 (Qld) Indigenous cultural mapping, digital databases
Agency governance AG
Indigenous Conservation Program The Wilderness Society Native Title and Protected Areas Policy On-country transmission
Mornington Sanctuary Australian Wildlife Conservancy Voluntary conservation plans Plans based on western science
Wild Rivers Declarations and Rangers Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management Wild Rivers Act 2005 (Qld) On-country transmission, river surveys