Table 1. Survey sample size and response rate.

Survey Group/
# of Participants and Response Rate
Working Population # of Respondents Response Rate: % surveys completed
Maine Groundfishers†, § 74 14 18.9
New England Fishery Management Council‡, § 33 10 30.3
Groundfish Advisory Panel‡, § 28 7 25.0
Groundfish Plan Development Team 30 15 50.0
Information from 2005 obtained from the NMFS Northeast Region Federal Permit Database ( Participants were selected based on residence (state of Maine), home harbor (in the state of Maine), effective multispecies (groundfish) permit (Days at Sea A).
Information obtained from the New England Fishery Management Council. Participants were selected based on their tenure with the NEFMC during the initiation of the development and subsequent regulation changes of the Western Gulf of Maine Area Closure.
§Two slightly different surveys were distributed to the four groups. The first survey was developed for Maine groundfishers and it contained 53 questions. The second survey was developed for NEFMC, Advisory Panel, and Plan Development Team members and contained 46 questions. Questions regarding fishing practices and the history of fishing were omitted in managers’ survey whereas questions regarding management practices and an individual’s role(s) in the fisheries management process (as NEFMC members, advisors, and researchers) were omitted in fishers’ survey (for detailed information see Nenadovic 2009a).