Fig. 2. Biplot of the PCA ordination performed for the plant use patterns (distribution of use records on use categories) of 38 Ecuadorian localities.†

Fig. 2

Axis 1: Eigenvalue = 5.7; percent of variance explained = 47.6.

Axis 2: Eigenvalue = 1.9; percent of variance explained = 16.0.

Bold arrows represent correlations between ordination axes and variables listed in Table 3.
Ordinary lines represent correlations between use categories of Cook (1995) as modified by de la Torre (2008) and ordination axes.

Toxic NV=Toxic to nonvertebrates.

Toxic V=Toxic to vertebrates.

Otherwise, full names of the use categories are given in the Figure.

A detailed explanation of use categories is given in Appendix 2.

Category 2 studies are marked by an asterisk (*) after the community name.