Table 7. Summary of the application of framework to the case studies. √ indicates that the community has authority over that element, X indicates that it does not. √X indicates that the community has authority over some aspects but not others, or that they are meant to have a certain right but do not have it in reality. A bold symbol indicates that the symbol is more dominant when both symbols are present. Detailed information for each element and case study is presented in Tables 2-6 [abbreviations: comm. = commercialized; Dom. = domestic; conv. = conversion]

Own/ access to resource Strategic planning Tactical planning Benefits reach community Within community:
Comm. wood products: medium-term Comm. wood products: short-term Dom. use wood products Comm. NWFPs Dom. use NWFPs Land use conv. Equal decision-making Equal benefit sharing
Mazagão x x x x x x
OCT x √ x √ x x x √ x
Maflops √ x √ x x x x n/a x x √ x √ x
Caobas x √ x x x x x x
Yaxcabá x x x x x
Naranjal x √ x x x x x x