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Table of Contents: Volume 17, Issue 1

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Guest Editorial
Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice, and Evaluation
Yorck von Korff, Katherine A Daniell, Sabine Moellenkamp, Pieter Bots, and Rianne M Bijlsma
The Energy–Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future
Karen Hussey and Jamie Pittock
Aspects of Mussel-Farming Activity in Chalastra, Thermaikos Gulf, Greece: An Effort to Untie a Management Gordian Knot
Zoi I. Konstantinou, Yannis N. Krestenitis, Dionysis Latinopoulos, Kalliopi Pagou, Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi, and Yiannis Savvidis
Participation and Protected Areas Governance: the Impact of Changing Influence of Local Authorities on the Conservation of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland
Krzysztof Niedziałkowski, Jouni Paavola, and Bogumiła Jędrzejewska
Time to Talk? How the Structure of Dialog Processes Shapes Stakeholder Learning in Participatory Water Resources Management
Melanie Muro and Paul Jeffrey
Social Thresholds and their Translation into Social-ecological Management Practices
Lisa Christensen and Naomi Krogman
Growing into Interdisciplinarity: How to Converge Biology, Economics, and Social Science in Fisheries Research?
Päivi Haapasaari, Soile Kulmala, and Sakari Kuikka
Logging Concessions and Local Livelihoods in Cameroon: from Indifference to Alliance?
Guillaume Lescuyer, Samuel Assembe Mvondo, Julienne Nadège Essoungou, Vincent Toison, Jean-François Trébuchon, and Nicolas Fauvet
Managing Rangeland as a Complex System: How Government Interventions Decouple Social Systems from Ecological Systems
Wenjun Li and Yanbo Li
Total Environment of Change: Impacts of Climate Change and Social Transitions on Subsistence Fisheries in Northwest Alaska
Katie J Moerlein and Courtney Carothers
Is Decentralization Leading to “Real” Decision-Making Power for Forest-dependent Communities? Case Studies from Mexico and Brazil
Reem F Hajjar, Robert A Kozak, and John L Innes
Exploring Social Capital in Chile’s Coastal Benthic Comanagement System Using a Network Approach
Andrés Marín, Stefan Gelcich, Juan C. Castilla, and Fikret Berkes
Collapse and Recovery in Sahelian Agro-pastoral Systems: Rethinking Trajectories of Change
Laura Vang Rasmussen and Anette Reenberg
A Biodiversity Informatics Approach to Ethnobotany: Meta-analysis of Plant Use Patterns in Ecuador
Lucia de la Torre, Carlos E. Cerón, Henrik Balslev, and Finn Borchsenius
Can REDD+ Reconcile Local Priorities and Needs with Global Mitigation Benefits? Lessons from Angai Forest, Tanzania
Irmeli Mustalahti, Anna Bolin, Emily Boyd, and Jouni Paavola
Power and Conflict in Adaptive Management: Analyzing the Discourse of Riparian Management on Public Lands
Jennifer S Arnold, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, and Wendy-Lin Bartels
Implementing the Western Gulf of Maine Area Closure: The Role and Perception of Fishers’ Ecological Knowledge
Mateja Nenadovic, Teresa Johnson, and James Wilson
Cumulative Effects Planning: Finding the Balance Using Choice Experiments
Amanda Spyce, Marian Weber, and Wiktor Adamowicz
A Typology of Indigenous Engagement in Australian Environmental Management: Implications for Knowledge Integration and Social-ecological System Sustainability
Rosemary Hill, Chrissy Grant, Melissa George, Catherine J Robinson, Sue Jackson, and Nick Abel
Environmental and Social Impacts of Oil Palm Plantations and their Implications for Biofuel Production in Indonesia
Krystof Obidzinski, Rubeta Andriani, Heru Komarudin, and Agus Andrianto
Facilitating Transitional Processes in Rigid Institutional Regimes for Water Management and Wetland Conservation: Experience from the Guadalquivir Estuary
Pablo F. Méndez, Nicola Isendahl, Jaime M. Amezaga, and Luis Santamaría
Public Preferences Across Europe for Different Forest Stand Types as Sites for Recreation
David M. Edwards, Marion Jay, Frank S. Jensen, Beatriz Lucas, Mariella Marzano, Claire Montagné, Andrew Peace, and Gerhard Weiss
Landscape Influences on Fisher Success: Adaptation Strategies in Closed and Open Access Fisheries in Southern Chile
Tracy Van Holt
Seed Exchange as an Agrobiodiversity Conservation Mechanism. A Case Study in Vall Fosca, Catalan Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula
Laura Calvet-Mir, Maria Calvet-Mir, José Luis Molina, and Victoria Reyes-García
A Wall out of Place: a Hydrological and Sociocultural Analysis of Physical Changes to the Lakeshore of Como, Italy
Sarah Laborde, Jorg Imberger, and Sandy Toussaint
Closing the Gap: Communicating to Change Gardening Practices in Support of Native Biodiversity in Urban Private Gardens
Yolanda M van Heezik, Katharine J. M. Dickinson, and Claire Freeman
Can We Be Both Resilient and Well, and What Choices Do People Have? Incorporating Agency into the Resilience Debate from a Fisheries Perspective.
Sarah Coulthard
The Management of Fire-Adapted Ecosystems in an Urban Setting: the Case of Table Mountain National Park, South Africa
Brian W van Wilgen, Greg G Forsyth, and Philip Prins
Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Context of Adaptation to Climate Change
Isabel van de Sand
A Typology of Benefit Sharing Arrangements for the Governance of Social-Ecological Systems in Developing Countries
Bimo Abraham Nkhata, Alfons Mosimane, Linda Downsborough, Charles Breen, and Dirk J Roux
An Indicator Framework for Assessing Agroecosystem Resilience
Joshua F Cabell and Myles Oelofse
Forest Landscape Restoration in the Drylands of Latin America
Adrian C Newton, Rafael F. del Castillo, Cristian Echeverría, Davide Geneletti, Mario González-Espinosa, Lucio R Malizia, Andrea C Premoli, José M. Rey Benayas, Cecilia Smith-Ramírez, and Guadalupe Williams-Linera
Learning in Support of Governance: Theories, Methods, and a Framework to Assess How Bridging Organizations Contribute to Adaptive Resource Governance
Beatrice I Crona and John N Parker
Threshold Considerations and Wetland Reclamation in Alberta’s Mineable Oil Sands
Lee Foote
Migrations Between Villages: Incidents or Significant Drivers of Swidden Agriculture Changes?
A response to: Downey. 2010. “Can Properties of Labor-Exchange Networks Explain the Resilience of Swidden Agriculture?”
Denis Couvet
On the System Properties of the Planetary Boundaries
A response to: Rockström et al. 2009. “Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity”
Sarah Cornell
Geo-engineering, Governance, and Social-Ecological Systems: Critical Issues and Joint Research Needs
Victor Galaz
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