Table 1. Project examples.

Example 1: The Waterdunen project: In this innovative project in the southwest portion of the Netherlands, an improvement of the coastal defense is turned into a quality-improvement opportunity of the nature, landscape, and recreation. It consists of the realization of 250 hectares salty nature that is influenced by a controlled tide. Waterdunen is a special plan with a number of innovations, including a nontraditional form of cooperation, at which public parties, private parties, and nongovernmental organizations work together on the basis of equality.

Example 2: The Breakthrough project: In this extensive project in the eastern portion of the Netherlands, a new 13-km-long brook is created to separate the rural and urban water flow, aiming at improving surface water quality. In addition, this new waterway will provide an extra drainage possibility for excessive water, ensuring that the safety of a sizable area will be improved. Finally, the construction of the brook is a powerful stimulus for the ecology and recreation.