Table 2. Overview of interviews and group discussions in Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve (LLBR).

Level Social entity Interview partner
Local Villagers Farmers (men and women) in 4 different villages in the buffer zone: Tuwa, Tomado, Wuasa, Katu
Local authorities Mayor, sub-district administrator
The Nature Conservancy; international NGO, focus on nature conservation

Yayasan Tanah Merdeka ("Independent Earth Foundation"); national NGO, focus on human rights

"initiate"; national NGO, focus on nature conservation

"bridge"; national NGO, focus on nature conservation
LLBR staff Former and current head, forest police, staff members
Sub-national Local government authorities Nature conservation agency
(BKSDA: Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam)

Agency for planning and development
(BAPPEDA: Badan Perencana Pembangunan Daerah)

Water catchment agency
(BPDAS: Badan Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai)

Forest observation agency
(BPKH: Balai Pemantapan Kawasan Hutan)
National MAB committee MAB head and committee members