Table 1. List of stakeholders and meetings attended.

Organization Responsibilities Participation in Systems Approach Framework Issues raised by stakeholders during first meeting
State (Spanish government)
Directorate of Coasts (Ministry of Environment) Coastal spatial planning; public infrastructures; licensing; harbor administration Contacted: attended first meeting Erosion of beaches, especially during storms; toxic waste buried in offshore sand due to historic industrial activities; illegal recreational fishing near sewerage outlets
Ministry of Works Public Infrastructures Not contacted
Regional (Catalan government)
Directorate General of Fisheries Recreational and commercial fisheries; monitoring Contacted: attended first meeting Municipal solid waste in artisanal fishing zones; effect of new coastal infrastructures on water quality; creation of artificial reefs
Catalan Water Agency Water management; waste water management; stormwater collectors planning; river basin planning; infrastructures; public information; flooding control; application of Water Framework and Bathing Water Directives; monitoring Contacted: attended all meetings Water quality following combined sewer overflows; efficacy of stormwater collectors related to water quality; erosion of beaches; jellyfish strandings; compliance with European Union directives
Local (Barcelona)
Department of Parks and Gardens Beaches maintenance; end user satisfaction; water quality monitoring; noise control; licensing of businesses on the beach; public information; waste collection Contacted: attended first and fourth meeting Water quality following combined sewer overflows; erosion of beaches; jellyfish strandings; compliance with European Union directives
CLABSA† (Private sector) Sewage management and monitoring; stormwater collectors management Contacted: attended the fourth meeting and a post-project meeting
Recreational Harbor Licensing; waste management within the harbor Contacted: attended first meeting Anti-fouling paint; gasoline spills; effect of River Besòs storm plume; dredging entrance of port; pollution from port restaurants and bars
EMSSA‡ (Private sector) River Besòs wastewater treatment plant management Contacted: no reply
† CLABSA: Clavegueram de Barcelona, Sociedad Anónima
‡ EMSSA: Empresa Metropolitana de Sanejament, Sociedad Anónima