Table 5. Examples of stakeholder views regarding participation in SPICOSA. The quotations are translated answers to questionnaire 2; they are in random order and do not correlate across rows.

Knowledge gains Social gains
“A lot of knowledge on what modeling could be used for.” “A good network of contacts.”
“Good source for information, especially about models. Interesting ideas for the future.” “It is important to have a broad dialogue.”
“Better understanding of the implications of the Water Framework Directive .... Better understanding of water flows and the factors that impact the nitrogen and Secchi depth.” “Personal contacts with persons who have knowledge about and interest in improved coastal waters.”
“Better knowledge of coastal waters in Himmerfjärden and the surrounding basins, and awareness of research projects in these areas.” “Fine with collaboration in groups such as [...] and SPICOSA. Unfortunately, they all finish in one or two years.”
Good that the model is simple.” “[In the future] collaboration between municipalities, River Basin District Authorities, and County Boards is necessary.”
“Participating in the stakeholder group has given me hope that we will be able to better understand complex environmental problems in the future. Better understanding of the impact of the sewage treatment plant (that the stakeholder represented) on all of the basins in the study area...” “[In the future], a continued close collaboration between scientists and other stakeholders will hopefully take place.”
“[In the future] it is important to continue to work like this in similar projects.”