Table 3. The participating Limfjord stakeholders and their main concerns prior to System Approach Framework (SAF) implementation.

Stakeholders Main concerns and opinions prior to SAF implementation
Agriculture farmers Concern related to potential restriction on use of fertilizers.
Commercial fishers Concern about eutrophication and loss of profitable finfish fisheries.
Environmental managers National implementation of EU Directives.
Fisheries managers Management and development of mussel and finfish fishery according to regulations and negatively affected yield by decreasing catchable stocks.
Mussel farmers Development of profitable mussel farms, wish to reduce hypoxia and harmful algal blooms (HAB) events, avoid mussel predators and filter-feeding competitors.
Mussel fishers Maintaining mussel fishery profitability, wish to reduce hypoxia events, avoid mussel predators/competitors, and secure natural mussel recruitment.
Nature conservation NGOs Wish to decrease Total N and P loadings to reduce hypoxia events, secure shallow-water mussels as food for foraging birds, maintain high biodiversity, and secure recreational use of the Limfjord.
Recreational fishers Restoration of a recreational finfish fishery in the Limfjord.
Municipals (Tourisms, Harbors) Management of the Limfjord environment and use of goods and services.

Some stakeholders were only present at the initial meeting and have not seen and discussed the simulation results.