Table 4. Summary of drivers of change for eel fishing according to stakeholders structured into four classes of drivers. Nine respondents. Comments reflect number of respondents falling into the category and number of examples given.

Categories Example quotes Comment
Environmental drivers “Rainy summers are not good - the more rain upstream the browner the water”

“... it is something with the water”

“... the agricultural landscape is covered with drainage systems nowadays”
9 respondents

35 examples

Market drivers “ ... there is no demand for eel because it’s red-listed”

“I really should replace a major part of my gear... but it’s not worth it. Too much work.”

“it’s offensive not to be payed more than 50 sek/kg for eel!”
3 respondents

6 examples

Social drivers “ ... it’s a culture that is disappearing.”

“ ... only a few have the skill to construct new gear.”

“ ... we are losing gear all the time. [Unused gear] is burnt by the sun.”
4 respondents

10 examples

Administrative drivers “Now you have to guess when the eel arrives” [because of restriction of 90 consecutive days allowed for fishing]

“Today there’s a limit on 400 kg that you must catch to get a license... I hope we reach that.”

“I feel like you have to have your papers 110% in order. If you make one mistake your fishing days are over despite having been fishing for generations.”
4 respondents

7 examples