Table 3. Responses to disturbance following the flooding of 2007 according to farmers. There are nine respondents. Data was collected using semistructured interviews by telephone in 2009.

Status Coping strategies Adaptation strategies Transformation strategies
Applied strategies buy fodder

grow winter fodder on other lands

move animals temporarily



diversified income (real estate business, grow crops/vegetables)

low costs, inexpensive land

diversified land; low laying and more elevated, low fraction is on the meadows

claim “force majeure” toward management contract entitling subsides

learning what to do until next time

better mentally prepared

acquire land unaffected by flooding

more observant to signals in nature

will not keep heifers on meadows

dialogue on flooding prevention with authorities

have agreement with neighbor for building a pen on his land in case of emergency

What if more often “2007 events”... buy fodder

don’t believe that “2007-event” will come more often

reduce number of livestock

leave some land on the meadows and shift for higher ground

can’t buy fodder every other year - leave the meadows entirely