Table 2. Farmer expectations at the time of signing production agreements in Chinsali and Mungwi Districts (n = 60).

Expectation % respondents
Yes No
Significant income from the sale of seeds 100.0 0.0
Jatropha requires very little labor 25.0 75.0
Jatropha requires very few inputs 44.2 55.8
Access to loans by becoming an outgrower 95.9 4.1
Access to inputs by becoming an outgrower 86.0 14.0
Receipt of annual payments until the trees mature 94.0 6.0
Being associated with a large commercial enterprise would improve family's social status within the village 78.8 21.2
That a portion of company proceeds would be allocated for community development 85.7 14.3
That Marli would provide a secure market for contracted growers 100.0 0.0