Table 3. Estimated biomass and carbon stock in acahual of different ages on the jatropha farm.

Age of acahual Approx. area
Above-ground biomass levels (tons/ha) Above-ground carbon levels
1–5 years 1250 2.0–16.0 1.0–8.0
(average 4.5)
5–15 years 4350 10.0–22.0 5.0–11.0
(average 8.0)
15–25 years 3200 40.0–45.0 20.0–40.0
(average 30.0)
> 25 years 60.0–80.0
Note: This does not include below-ground biomass, which would be approximately 20% more (Achard et al. 2004). We assume, however, that the below ground biomass would largely be preserved when the forest is cleared and gradually decompose in the soil, meaning that this carbon pool would not be lost in the short term (10 years).
Source: Eaton and Lawrence 2009; Torres Perez and Vargas Perez, personal observations.