Table 2. Socioeconomic differences between jatropha cultivators and noncultivators in Michoacan.

Parameter Jatropha cultivators
(n = 23)
(n = 11)
Average ejidal landholdings (ha) 94.7 Unreliable data
Average area under jatropha
−Largest jatropha holding
−Smallest jatropha holding
−37 (of 200 in ejido)
−1 (of 94 in ejido)
Average no. of adults in family (> 16) 2.8 2.6
Average no. of dependents 1.7 1.4
Years of education of head of household Secondary
- 3 years
- 3 years
Wealth index 81% 55%
Three farmers also had private holdings outside the ejido of 2200, 150, and 249 ha, respectively, but these were not used for jatropha.
‡ Insufficient numbers of the respondents gave data on this variable to estimate the average; however, lack of land was not indicated as a reason for not planting jatropha.