Table 7. CHANNEL effect size calculations. Effect sizes are calculated as e^(d•CMWA), where CMWA = model weighted average coefficient, and d = real world difference. Appendix Table A8 presents the original workdays regression and a modified regression with an inequality-adjusted CHANNEL variable. Not surprisingly, the inequality-adjusted CHANNEL workdays regression results are very similar to the original results, suggesting that even when social and wealth inequalities influencing CHANNEL distribution are accounted for, being connected to the irrigation systems still matters.

Difference Description Model weighted average coefficients Effect Size (percent change)
WEALTHGINI 0.27 Difference between Keelanavayal (0.39) to Palangi (0.66) -0.08 0.98 (-2%)
LNWEALTH 2.30 100,000 more rupees 0.53 3.41 (341%)
DALIT 1 Being Dalit -1.49 0.23 (-77%)
FRAC 0.5 Increasing the size of ones caste to 50% of the village population 1.39 2.00 (200%)