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Table of Contents: Volume 16, Issue 4

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Tricky Times
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Ethnic Forces in Collective Action: Diversity, Dominance, and Irrigation in Tamil Nadu
Timothy M Waring
How Effective is the Buffer Zone? Linking Institutional Processes with Satellite Images from a Case Study in the Lore Lindu Forest Biosphere Reserve, Indonesia
Marion Mehring and Susanne Stoll-Kleemann
Deforestation and the Social Impacts of Soy for Biodiesel: Perspectives of Farmers in the South Brazilian Amazon
Mendelson Lima, Margaret Skutsch, and Gerlane de Medeiros Costa
Towards Adaptive Management: Examining the Strategies of Policy Entrepreneurs in Dutch Water Management
Stijn Brouwer and Frank Biermann
Cross-Scale Value Trade-Offs in Managing Social-Ecological Systems: The Politics of Scale in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Asim Zia, Paul Hirsch, Alexander Songorwa, David R. Mutekanga, Sheila O'Connor, Thomas McShane, Peter Brosius, and Bryan Norton
Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping in Livelihood Vulnerability Analysis
Chrispen Murungweni, Mark T. van Wijk, Jens A. Andersson, Eric M. A. Smaling, and Ken E. Giller
Consumer Preferences Determine Resilience of Ecological-Economic Systems
Stefan Baumgärtner, Sandra Derissen, Martin F Quaas, and Sebastian Strunz
Land-based Investments for Rural Development? A Grounded Analysis of the Local Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Plantations in Ghana
George C. Schoneveld , Laura A. German, and Eric Nutakor
Jatropha in Mexico: Environmental and Social Impacts of an Incipient Biofuel Program
Margaret Skutsch, Emilio de los Rios, Silvia Solis, Enrique Riegelhaupt, Daniel Hinojosa, Sonya Gerfert, Yan Gao, and Omar Masera
The Local Social and Environmental Impacts of Smallholder-Based Biofuel Investments in Zambia
Laura German, George C. Schoneveld, and Davison Gumbo
Implications of Biodiesel-Induced Land-Use Changes for CO2 Emissions: Case Studies in Tropical America, Africa, and Southeast Asia
Wouter M. J. Achten and Louis V Verchot
Modeling Soft Institutional Change and the Improvement of Freshwater Governance in the Coastal Zone
Rémi Mongruel, Jean Prou, Johanna Ballé-Béganton, Michel Lample, Alice Vanhoutte-Brunier, Harold Réthoret, José Antonio Pérez Agúndez, Françoise Vernier, Paul Bordenave, and Cédric Bacher
Looking Forward: Using Scenario Modeling to Support Regional Land Use Planning in Northern Yukon, Canada
Shawn R Francis and Jeff Hamm
Ecosystem and Social Construction: an Interdisciplinary Case Study of the Shurkul Lake Landscape in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.
Lisa Oberkircher, Margaret Shanafield, Bashorat Ismailova, and Laurel Saito
Ecosystem Services Linking Social and Ecological Systems: River Brownification and the Response of Downstream Stakeholders
Magnus Tuvendal and Thomas Elmqvist
Innovation, Cooperation, and the Perceived Benefits and Costs of Sustainable Agriculture Practices
Mark Lubell, Vicken Hillis, and Matthew Hoffman
Patrimony for Resilience: Evidence from the Forest Agdal in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
Laurent Auclair, Patrick Baudot, Didier Genin, Bruno Romagny, and Romain Simenel
Mussel Production and Water Framework Directive Targets in the Limfjord, Denmark: an Integrated Assessment for Use in System-Based Management
Grete E. Dinesen, Karen Timmermann, Eva Roth, Stiig Markager, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, Morten Hjorth, Marianne Holmer, and Josianne G. Støttrup
Participatory Social-Ecological Modeling in Eutrophication Management: the Case of Himmerfjärden, Sweden
Frida Franzén, Gerda Kinell, Jakob Walve, Ragnar Elmgren, and Tore Söderqvist
The Systems Approach Framework as a Complementary Methodology of Adaptive Management: a Case Study in the Urban Beaches of Barcelona
Ben Tomlinson, Sergio Sastre, Dolors Blasco, and Jorge Guillén
Social Learning and Natural Resource Management: The Emergence of Three Research Perspectives
Romina Rodela
Toward an Integrated History to Guide the Future
Sander van der Leeuw, Robert Costanza, Steve Aulenbach, Simon Brewer, Michael Burek, Sarah Cornell, Carole Crumley, John A Dearing, Catherine Downy, Lisa J. Graumlich, Scott Heckbert, Michelle Hegmon, Kathy Hibbard, Stephen T. Jackson, Ida Kubiszewski, Paul Sinclair, Sverker Sörlin, and Will Steffen
Indigenous Knowledge, Science, and Resilience: What Have We Learned from a Decade of International Literature on “Integration”?
Erin L Bohensky and Yiheyis Maru
Reconsidering the Effectiveness of Scientific Tools for Negotiating Local Solutions to Conflicts between Recreation and Conservation with Stakeholders
Rogier Pouwels, Paul Opdam, and René Jochem
Exploiting Soil-Management Strategies for Climate Mitigation in the European Union: Maximizing “Win–Win” Solutions across Policy Regimes
Christian Bugge Henriksen, Karen Hussey, and Peter E. Holm
Local Social and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels: Global Comparative Assessment and Implications for Governance
Laura German, George C. Schoneveld , and Pablo Pacheco
Social-ecological Resilience and Biodiversity Conservation in a 900-year-old Protected Area
Adrian C Newton
Historical Regimes and Social Indicators of Resilience in an Urban System: the Case of Charleston, South Carolina
Regina Bures and William Kanapaux
A Systems Approach Framework for Coastal Zones
Tom S Hopkins , Denis Bailly, and Josianne G. Støttrup
Twenty Years of Interdisciplinary Studies: the “MEZA” Program’s Contributions to Society, Ecology, and the Education of Postgraduate Students
César Vázquez, Critiane Aguilar, Héctor Benet, Rosa Carmona, Tania de la Vega, Hugo Espinosa, Miguel Flores, Pablo Franco, Itzel Frias, Jenny Guzmán, Alfa Hernández, Adriana Licona, Francisco Martínez, Ailed Maymes, Marina Mondragón, Tatiana Montano, Lourdes Ojeda, Adriana Ríos, Erick Rochín, Laura Rodríguez, Natalia Rodríguez, Roberto Romero, Fernando Solís, Soledad Valdés, and Iván Velázquez
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