Fig. 2. Gridded base maps for (A) SimReef and (B) the coupled model. The SimReef base map is geographically distorted but includes recognizable features of the Quintana Roo region (e.g., Cozumel to the north and Banco Chinchorro to the south). The base map for the coupled model provides a more realistic spatial representation of the region with the location of coral reef cells extracted from reef distribution maps from the University of South Florida’s Institute for Marine Remote Sensing Millennium Coral Reef Mapping Project (IMaRS 2004). Asterisks in (B) identify the locations of major ports for fishing vessels, and dashed lines delineate the four municipalities used in the coupled model. Cell dimensions are not explicit in the SimReef base map, but each cell corresponds to an area of approximately 25 km2. The base map for the coupled model uses a grid of 2 km x 2 km cells.
Fig. 2