Table 1. How increased values of factors influence the number of tourist days per year in the different tourist categories.

Factor / Tourist category Hotel tourists Second-home owners Fishing tourists Second-home renters Camping tourists
1. Total number of tourist days last year
2. Conflict potential indicator between tourists and locals
3. Accomodation capacity, second homes for rent + +
4. Accomodation capacity dedicated for fishing tourists +
5. Quality of accomodation dedicated for fishing tourists +
6. Accomodation capacity, Hotel +
7. Accomodation capacity, Camping + +
8. Landscape and environmental quality index + + + + +
9. Regulation on construction of second homes
10. Size of coastal cod stock + + +
11. Regulations on tourist fishing
12. GDP growth in Norway Growth in GDP above a certain level affects the total volume of tourists.

The total number of second homes allowed in the municipality.
More restrictive regulations affect tourist days negatively.