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Table of Contents: Volume 16, Issue 3

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Guest Editorial
Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Livelihood Systems: Conceptual Challenges and Interdisciplinary Solutions
Evan D. G. Fraser, Andrew J Dougill, Klaus Hubacek, Claire H. Quinn, Jan Sendzimir, and Mette Termansen
The Social and Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Cultivation: Evidence from Multi-Site Research in the Forest Frontier
Laura German, George C. Schoneveld , and Pablo Pacheco
Rebuilding Resilience in the Sahel: Regreening in the Maradi and Zinder Regions of Niger
Jan Sendzimir, Chris P Reij, and Piotr Magnuszewski
Coping with Multiple Stresses in Rural South Africa
Claire H. Quinn, Gina Ziervogel, Anna Taylor, Takeshi Takama, and Frank Thomalla
The Ghost of Development Past: the Impact of Economic Security Policies on Saami Pastoral Ecosystems
Vera H. Hausner, Per Fauchald, Torkild Tveraa, Elisabeth Pedersen, Johnny-Leo Jernsletten, Birgitte Ulvevadet, Rolf A. Ims, Nigel G. Yoccoz, and Kari Anne Bråthen
Economic Behavior in the Face of Resource Variability and Uncertainty
Ryan R J McAllister, John G Tisdell, Andrew F Reeson, and Iain J Gordon
Scenario Analysis to Identify Viable Conservation Strategies in Paraguay’s Imperiled Atlantic Forest
Matthew J. Carlson, Ross Mitchell, and Laura Rodriguez
Developing Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating Joint Management Effectiveness in Protected Areas in the Northern Territory, Australia
Arturo Izurieta, Bevlyne Sithole, Natasha Stacey, Hmalan Hunter-Xenie, Bruce Campbell, Paul Donohoe, Jessie Brown, and Lincoln Wilson
Local Community Attitudes toward Forests Outside Protected Areas in India. Impact of Legal Awareness, Trust, and Participation.
Biljana Macura, Francisco Zorondo-Rodríguez, Mar Grau-Satorras, Kathryn Demps, Marie Laval, Claude A. Garcia, and Victoria Reyes-García
Effects of Fishing Tourism in a Coastal Municipality: a Case Study from Risør, Norway
Erlend Moksness, Jakob Gjøsæter, Guillaume Lagaillarde, Eirik Mikkelsen, Esben Moland Olsen, Håkan T Sandersen, and Jon Helge Vølstad
Coupled Vulnerability and Resilience: the Dynamics of Cross-Scale Interactions in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Kevin F. Gotham and Richard Campanella
Debt-for-Nature Swaps in Action: Two Case Studies in Peru
Catherine Kilbane Gockel and Leslie C Gray
Biophysical and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Forest Transitions at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales
Charles B Yackulic, Matthew Fagan, Meha Jain, Amir Jina, Yili Lim, Miriam Marlier, Robert Muscarella, Patricia Adame, Ruth DeFries, and Maria Uriarte
Human Activity Differentially Redistributes Large Mammals in the Canadian Rockies National Parks
James Kimo Rogala, Mark Hebblewhite, Jesse Whittington, Cliff A. White, Jenny Coleshill, and Marco Musiani
An Empirical Analysis of the Social and Ecological Outcomes of State Subsidies for Small-Scale Fisheries: A Case Study from Chile
Carolin I. Mondaca-Schachermayer, Jaime Aburto, Georgina Cundill, Domingo Lancellotti, Carlos Tapia, and Wolfgang Stotz
A Critical Systems Approach to Social Learning: Building Adaptive Capacity in Social, Ecological, Epistemological (SEE) Systems
Daniel D. P. McCarthy, Debbe D. Crandall, Graham S. Whitelaw, Zachariah General, and Leonard J. S. Tsuji
Hybrid Knowledge: Place, Practice, and Knowing in a Volunteer Ecological Restoration Project
Karen A Reid, Kathryn J H Williams, and Mark S Paine
Deliberative Democracy, Institution Building, and the Pragmatics of Cumulative Effects Assessment
John R Parkins
The Potential Role of Mental Model Methodologies in Multistakeholder Negotiations: Integrated Water Resources Management in South Africa
Derick R Du Toit, Harry Biggs, and Sharon Pollard
Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Conservation of Cross River Gorillas: a Case Study of Bechati, Fossimondi, Besali, Cameroon
Denis Ndeloh Etiendem, Luc Hens, and Zjef Pereboom
Is Validation of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge a Disrespectful Process? A Case Study of Traditional Fishing Poisons and Invasive Fish Management from the Wet Tropics, Australia
Monica Gratani, James R. A. Butler, Frank Royee, Peter Valentine, Damien Burrows, Warren I. Canendo, and Alex S Anderson
Addressing Sustainability of Clam Farming in the Venice Lagoon
Donata Melaku Canu, Pierpaolo Campostrini, Simona Dalla Riva, Roberto Pastres, Lara Pizzo, Luca Rossetto, and Cosimo Solidoro
Social Role-Play Games Vs Individual Perceptions of Conservation and PES Agreements for Maintaining Rubber Agroforests in Jambi (Sumatra), Indonesia
Grace B Villamor and Meine van Noordwijk
Revealing the Organization of Complex Adaptive Systems through Multivariate Time Series Modeling
David G Angeler, Stina Drakare, and Richard K Johnson
Coupling Biophysical and Socioeconomic Models for Coral Reef Systems in Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean
Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Craig R Johnson, Pascal Perez, Jeremy Eustache, Elizabeth A Fulton, and Deborah Cleland
The Penobscot River, Maine, USA: a Basin-Scale Approach to Balancing Power Generation and Ecosystem Restoration
Jeffrey J Opperman, Joshua Royte, John Banks, Laura Rose Day, and Colin Apse
Climate Science, Development Practice, and Policy Interactions in Dryland Agroecological Systems
Chasca Twyman, Evan D. G. Fraser, Lindsay C. Stringer, C. Quinn, Andrew J. Dougill, Federica Ravera, Todd A. Crane, and Susannah M. Sallu
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