Table 4. Climate policy institutional settings Note: CC= climate change.

Jurisdiction Legislation Integrated climate policy
(mitigation and adaptation)
Iterative policy Intra-governmental institution/s Inter-governmental institution/s Central policy unit Multi-stakeholder institution/s Commissioner for the environment State-of-the-environment reporting
Australia In part – ETS law tabled N N In part – Sub-Committee of Cabinet N In part – Dept of CC N N Y
European Union Y – 2009 legislative package N – policies separate Y – cyclical policy review N In part – proposed Impact and Adaptation Steering Group N – DG Environment N In part – EC plays this role Y
United Kingdom Y – The CC Act 2008 Y – The CC Act 2008 Y – 5 yearly program cycle N In part – Adapting to CC UK group In part – Dept of Energy and CC N Y – Sustainable Development Commission
In part - Committee on CC
In part – Sustainable Development Commission, focused on government
Brazil N In part – 2008. Adaptation is weak Y – implementation through 5-year plans Y - Inter-Ministerial Committee on CC Y – Brazilian Forum on CC Y – Office of the President Y – Brazilian Forum on CC Y - Secretaria de Assuntos Estratégicos N
China N Y - 2007 Y – implementation through 5-year plans Y – National Coordination Committee on CC Y – system for coordinating work, including between national & local governments Y – National Leading Group to Address CC, National Development & Reform Comm. N N N
India N Y - 2008 Y – implementation through 5-year plans Y – Coordination Unit for Implementation of nat. plan N N – Ministry for Environment and Forests Y – Advisory Council on Climate Change N N
Mexico N Y - Special program on CC 2009 N Y – Intersecretarial Commission on CC N N - SEMARNAT Y – Consultative Council on CC N N
South Africa N N N Y - Inter-departmental Committee advises Minister for DEAT N N – Dept Environmental Affairs and Tourism Y - Advisory Committee to DEAT N N
Tanzania N Y – 1997 N Y - The National CC Committee Y - The National CC Committee In part – Vice-President’s Office, Division of Environment In part – one non-gov. member on NCCC N N