Table 3. Climate adaptation policy and water related measures

Jurisdiction Water focus Hydro-climatic
monitoring, modeling and early warning
Supply side Efficiency and environmental restoration
More surface storage Interbasin transfers Groundwater management Rainwater harvesting Desalination Greater efficiency Re-allocation Restoration of water sources / catchments Restoration of floodplains
Australia Low T N T T N T T T N N
European Union High In part – vulnerability focus N N Y N N Y N Y In part - inferred
England and Wales Medium Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Brazil Low Y N Y N In part N N N N N
China High Y Y T Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
India High Y Y Y Y Y Y T N Y N
Mexico Medium Y N N Y N N N N Y N
South Africa Low Y Y Y N Y N Y Y In part - inferred N
Tanzania High Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N